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Learn how to swim freestyle in the Nuernberg metropolitan area!

The offer includes three coaching sessions for 90 minutes. I will teach you:

  • How to Get Comfortable in the Water
  • We´ll practice the kick.
  • We´ll work on your flotation position.
  • We´ll practice the arm stroke.
  • I´ll teach you how to breathe in the freestyle.
  • We´ll work on the right rhythm.

Then we combine everything, and we are ready to start practicing.

I´ll show you drills and Technique exercises to refine your freestyle technique so that you can incorporate drills and specific exercises into your training routine. These drills can focus on body position, arm technique, leg kicks, and breathing.

You will also get free access to my online Koyawa Freestyle coaching program (in German).

Learning to swim freestyle takes time and patience, so don’t be discouraged by the initial challenges. With consistent practice and the right guidance, you’ll gradually improve and become more proficient in swimming freestyle.

€ 450,-